NASCO Properties

A co-op of co-ops.

NASCO Properties (NP) was created in 1988 as a property holding and management corporation to assist new student housing cooperatives with financing and management. Since then, NP has become an important development tool for student and community groups that want to start group equity co-ops but do not have access to sufficient resources. NP uses equity from buildings it owns to provide collateral and equity for these new groups. It also operates as a support network for its member co-ops, offering training and asset management assistance. In turn, these member co-ops form the governance structure fro NASCO Properties. As of August 2018, there are 16 properties owned by NP that are used by eight leasing cooperatives in Austin, TX, Chicago, IL, Kalamazoo, MI, Buffalo, NY, Urbana, IL, Lawrence, KS, Athens, OH, and Providence, RI.


NASCO Properties Board Members

Kathryn Solorzano Lowell

Nico White

Matt Dietrichson

Ben Pearl

Bob Cook

Tristain Laing

Norah Getz

Michael Eugenio

holly jo sparks

Samm Powell

Jeremy Henderson

Shining Li

Daniel Mauer

Luna Barboza